We specialise in financing technology assets. This includes:

IT devices

We finance laptops, desktops, workstations, smartphones, tablets, printers, giant screens, videoconference systems, IoT investments, and so on. If you want to invest in equipment that is not on the list, that is probably because we want to keep it short: please ask for a quote.


As well as funding software capital costs, we can help to finance complete projects, like ERP system development. For the array of software on the organisation’s IT devices, we can help you manage your license pool optimally, within the rules of software provider’s licence agreement.


We provide IT infrastructure rental solutions: from individual servers to complete data centres, from a few communication devices to a complete network. Our dedicated teams of experts will work to understand your requirements today, and the way they are evolving, to craft an approach that will deliver the quality, reliability and scalability you need.

Specialised technologies

We finance technical equipment for organisations of all sizes, in all industries. The list includes AV systems, medical treatment units, robotics and other manufacturing tools, LED lighting systems...