Data security

Your data is never just data. It is precious ideas, documentation, personal information and valuable contacts.
You cannot let any of this end up in the wrong hands.

Don't let your data be everyone's business

Data protection is increasingly crucial as regulations such as GDPR tighten data security requirements. A data protection failure can lead to data breaches, loss of customer trust, regulatory sanctions, or even legal action. The reputational damage can be irreparable.

Simply deleting data is not enough: it is alarmingly easy to recover deleted data. Only secure data erasure, preferably with an audit trail, can give you the assurance of security and integrity you need.

You control data while your devices are in use. Use our service to stay in control when one device lifecycle ends and the next one begins.

Sell your old IT to us
and securely
destroy old data

Refresh your devices
and erase data regularly

Internationally trusted,
Infosec 5-standard data
destruction process


Certified data destruction
audit trail