Sustainable technology

While the world is in constant change, one thing is clear.

Sustainability is the new norm

Environmental regulations are increasing. Reporting requirements are becoming more stringent. The focus on sustainable operations is growing, and our services can help to make your use of technology more sustainable.

We help make the move from the traditional linear take-make-dispose approach to the circular take-make-reuse model. It’s a step each company can take to build a more sustainable world and future. The circular economy is the new economy.

Save money and the environment with more sustainable technology lifecycle management.

Minimise the environmental impact of technology

We build circular economy principles into our approach to technology lifecycle management. It’s a better value approach that reduces the environmental impact from your technology. Our approach makes it easy for you to return the leased devices to us. We securely erase their data, and then refurbish them to resell for further use. You get more from your budget and make your use of technology more sustainable.

Over 97% of returned equipment finds a new home. The remainder, less than 3%, usually faulty or broken, is responsibly recycled through our ISO 14001 certified recycling partners.

Act now to exploit the latest technology in a more sustainable way.

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