Acquire easily

Once we understand your needs, we tailor financing for the investments you will make in technology solutions. Our rental solutions allow you to spread costs, and optimise the total cost of ownership with a regular technology refresh. Predictable payments help you manage your budget and monitor your spend.

No more will a budget crisis derail your refresh plans, so you avoid the risks and costs that come with ageing equipment.

Enhance your procurement and budgeting processes with our solutions. Place orders, then manage assets using our e-procurement service that links seamlessly into asset management to keep you in control of all your assets.

These services help you with the:


  • A credit line that meets your budget needs
  • Implement an expense control policy by organisation, supplier, or equipment family
  • Manage an equipment catalogue, with make, model and supplier rules

Purchase process

  • Manage suppliers and enforce sourcing rules
  • Interactively work with suppliers to manage requests and quotes
  • Manage approval workflows to accelerate approval and understand deliveries
  • Use a detailed purchase report to understand order flow and progress

If you already have acquired equipment, we can also buy it back and either remove it for refurbishing or include it in a total lifecycle management plan. So you have a single consolidated budget, payment and can benefit from all available services: convenient, integrated and complete approach.