Asset Management and monitoring

From a dedicated and secure customer portal, you access the services you need to acquire, manage and renew your equipment.

The portal offers a single, complete and consolidated view across of your entire organisation. You can look at the whole organisation, or individual departments. You can authorize access tailored to match roles and responsibilities.

You can use the data to support equipment decisions. Move equipment between departments and projects, plan and manage change, or plan a refresh. Make data driven decisions as you manage equipment in the context of its associated contracts.

Asset information feeds the budget planning and service billing process.

Regular reviews will address your needs, anticipate renewals and ensure the plan we developed is working as expected.

Our asset management portal, gives finance, IT and procurement departments a common reference base with a single, consistent complete view of your equipment. This includes technical, administrative and financial data. You can use a complete transaction history to handle the information by cost centre, subsidiary or user.

Comprehensive information about your equipment

  • Shared data for a complete and detailed view of your assets
  • See technical and financial hardware and software information: aggregated views, with drill down, for analysis by site, department, or user, equipment used and its costs
  • Historical and dematerialised data (orders, invoices, contracts)
  • Share their information with departments using the equipment.
  • Export data for further analysis

Simplify decision-making

  • Access online dashboards, with specialised views for purchasing, finance and IT – or build your own.
  • Plan and manage budgets, with accurate information to manage internal invoicing
  • Improve asset governance throughout its lifecycle
  • Plan and manage software changes, and eventual equipment refresh

Catalogue management

  • Simplify administration by using us to invoice your sites or your subsidiaries according to the equipment assigned to them
  • Track your fees in real time on our customer portal. View consumption: globally or by equipment, consolidated or detailed by entity
  • Follow the budgetary evolution by entity, by period, according to your own standards
  • Receive contract deadline alerts
  • We measure Customer Satisfaction with the portal in Net Promoter Score surveys
  • Our customers verdict: “A complete and easy-to-use portal”


One of the things that appealed to us with 3 Step IT was the single solution of inventory they could provide us. This meant we could log into a single system and easily track the equipment. We can utilise that system to gain accurate information on age and specification, and then plan which equipment needs to be replaced and when, and forecast how much money we’ll need to spend and when we need to spend it.

Ben Thorn | Head of Service Delivery University of South Wales Trinity Saint David