How Two Companies with a Shared Vision are Driving the Circular Economy

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Why is technology so important to a prosperous future?

Businesses that fail to adopt new technologies risk getting left behind. The best businesses ebb and flow with technology, immersing it into every part of their organizations.

The advancement of technology is mesmerising, and it only seems to be speeding up. Smart businesses recognise they need to adopt new technologies to compete, leading to a proliferation of equipment.

As a society, we only have access to a finite amount of resources, and to manufacture just one desktop computer and monitor takes roughly 530lb (240kg) of fossil fuel, 48lb (21.8kg) of chemicals, and 1.5 tonnes of water. Despite this resource-hungry process, the United Nations estimates that we discard 20-50 million metric tonnes of e-waste every year!

While there is no doubt that more needs to be done to recycle IT hardware responsibly, it’s also vital that we extract as much value as possible before sending equipment to its grave. 3 Step IT is a firm believer that one man’s trash is another man’s gold.

98% of devices collected from 3 Step IT customers in 2017 were rehomed, achieving responsible environmental practices. In addition, data security best practices were achieved with Blancco Data Eraser solutions.

Customers of 3 Step IT and Blancco can embrace new technologies quickly and easily, while retaining peace of mind that their data is protected.

How do bancco and 3 Step IT work together?

3 Step IT and Blancco were both founded in the year of 1997. That year, the companies built a partnership to securely erase IT assets at end-of-life.

The combination of 3 Step IT’s lifecycle management solution and Blancco’s data erasure solution enables businesses to succeed in a Circular Economy—even before the term was coined and popularised.

What is the circular economy, and how do we make it a reality?

Traditionally, IT equipment goes through three lifecycle stages: Make – Take – Dispose; however, this isn’t a sustainable option, both economically and environmentally. 3 Step IT reimagined this process and developed a circular solution comprised of four lifecycle steps: Make – Take – Reuse – Recycle.

3 Step IT makes it easy for businesses to refresh their technology; simply, securely, cost effectively and in a socially-responsible manner. They also remove the admin burden of procuring new IT and managing that IT throughout the entire life cycle.

We’re proud of our 20-year relationship with Blancco. Together we are making the Circular Economy ‘real’ by delivering tangible benefits for customers and society. Our combined win/win proposition is a testament to the efforts we have made this together, to help businesses embrace technology in a sustainable way while also achieving data protection best practices.

– Jason Skidmore, UK Managing Director

Coinciding with the rapid development of technology has been the proliferation of data. Organizations now have so much data that they’re having trouble managing and storing it all. At the same time, all companies must demonstrate customer data protection and comply with regulations regarding this data.

Blancco helps businesses improve their data hygiene, data security and data sanitization practices with secure, certified data erasure solutions across the entire data lifecycle—whether data is active or has reached end-of-life. In addition, Blancco’s tamper- proof audit trail that makes safeguarding data a simpler process.

Blancco is happy to be part of making the Circular Economy a reality. For two decades, we’ve been working with 3 Step IT to make responsible, secure IT asset recycling and resale possible. As technology continues to evolve, so will our partnership and our solutions.

– Richard Stiennon, CSO, Blancco

Together, 3 Step IT and Blannco’s solutions allow businesses to thrive in a Circular Economy. Get in touch to find out how you can make the Circular Economy work for your business.