Improve the student learning experience without increasing your IT budget

circular economy IT Lifecycle

The learning experience of your students and the teaching experience of your staff are paramount when it comes to getting the results needed to meet Ofsted’s standards – and attracting new students and parents.

As a country we fare quite well, with the second greatest education standards in Europe according to the BBC. IT forms a core part of this success, supporting teaching and learning outcomes.

70% of schools use interactive whiteboards, and most students now depend on PCs, laptops or tablets for schoolwork and homework. Such technologies have been proven to significantly improve student achievement, especially in maths and science, enhancing their learning and even reducing planning time for teachers.

Unfortunately, research has revealed that up to 10% of teaching time is lost due to inadequate IT – which directly impacts students’ learning experience.

Realising the impact and importance of technology, educational establishment leaders reserve a quarter of their budgets for IT. However, some schools get more value from their IT than others, and one way to do this is through ethical IT leasing and lifecycle management.

Source better IT simply and flexibly

Our ethical approach to IT leasing, with expert financial assistance should you need it, gives you full visibility of all the terms of your lease so that you know exactly how much you’ll be paying and over what period of time – with no hidden surprises. Leasing IT helps to avoid unnecessary large impacts on your capital budget. Depending on the type of equipment you need, leasing can be cheaper than buying it outright.

We’ll provide you with state-of-the-art technology and refresh it regularly to ensure your school has up to date working equipment to optimise teaching time and learning experience, and make your school more attractive to prospective students and parents.

Supporting the circular economy

If you have old or disused IT lying around, we could also take that away for you – and even pay you for it. We are committed to supporting the circular economy, which seeks to minimise the consumption of finite resources. We aim to refurbish and re-sell as much as 95% of the IT devices returned to us – returning hardware to landfill is a last resort. When we recycle or dispose of equipment, we provide certification to guarantee that all data is wiped securely.

Why 3 Step IT?

  • We work with multiple educational providers, and we know which kind of technologies deliver the best learning outcomes
  • We pride ourselves on our ethical, transparent approach to leasing
  • Because we support the circular economy, we have access to cheaper, high quality refurbished equipment which we can lease to you at a lower price
  • We will manage the lifecycle of your IT for you, ensuring optimal performance and up to date licensing
  • We will provide regular equipment refreshes
  • We will securely dispose of old equipment

Are your teachers and students getting the most out of your current IT provision?

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you source your school’s IT more cost effectively.