Our top 9 dos and don’ts of IT leasing

IT Assets IT Leasing
  1. Do ask for a full breakdown of all the elements of any offering, including the actual interest rate, other fees and payments, plus extension rentals should you choose to keep the equipment beyond the primary term
  2. Do question potential providers about the returns process and the tools and support they offer to facilitate it
  3. Do ask for details about available asset management tools and how they are implemented
  4. Do ask about customer service: What kind of support does the lessor provide? Do they ensure that the asset management register (if available) is updated and assist you with returning assets by the agreed date? What kind of competencies and skills do the customer service staff have?
  5. Do think carefully about what you’re likely to do with equipment at the end of the primary lease
  6. Don’t make your decision based purely on the monthly charge figure
  7. Don’t be fooled by unrealistic residual values
  8. Don’t dismiss the potential challenges of tracking and managing leased assets, even in small numbers
  9. Don’t forget the value of freedom and flexibility, and that your needs can change quickly. Will you have any freedom in the future to choose exactly the devices you want? And what are the potential impacts on your business of a sudden change of brand or supplier on the lessors side?

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