From ownership to access – what you should consider when comparing financing offers

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As ongoing digitalisation continues to transform our society, new technologies and tools will replace, even upend, traditional ways of working – from data management to customer service, communications and learning.

Businesses must keep up with the developments, however it is also vital for non-profit organisations to seize the possibilities new technology offers. When you are planning on acquiring new technology, it is always worth listening to expert advice. A useful way to assess your technology needs and acquisitions is to pose three questions: when, where and why?

But what is the most sensible way to acquire new technology? The sharing economy is on the rise. As a result, the traditional purchasing model has been challenged and more and more organisations are opting for access over ownership. The Device as a Service trend is emerging in the corporate as well as in the public sectors. Many organisations are moving away from purchasing and towards leasing IT devices and other movables.

Comparing finance offers – What to consider?

Leasing technology starts from requesting financing offers from different providers and comparing them. The key is to ensure that the offers you have received are comparable. As well as conducting a financial analysis, it is also important to assess how the service provider carries out their service. For example:

1. What exactly does the monthly fee in the financing offer include?
2. What kind of assumed residual value is applied to the offer?
3. What kind of tools does the provider offer for control during usage?
4. What kind of tools or services does the provider offer for the end of the lease period?
5. How do you return the equipment – cost and process?
6. How does the lessor ensure secure disposal of data for the returned devices and how is the data sanitisation carried out?

At 3 Step IT, we have 20 years of experience in offering IT equipment as a service responsibly. As well as superior customer service, we offer our clients financing with best-practice yearly limits and a highly advanced asset register with comprehensive reporting functions for IT and Finance. To learn more, contact us today.